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About Us

About Profilz

Supports organizations in their digital transformation

Digital One Labs is a digital marketing agency that supports organizations in their digital transformation. Established in 2020, we capitalize on nearly two decades of experience and expertise in several areas, including the education domain, IT and non-IT training, consultancies, and selling solutions to the corporate and government sectors. We recently incorporated an office in Singapore to better serve our regional customers.

Using smart business concepts, we aim to bring cutting-edge technology and creativity to your marketplace and company. We integrate industry experience with sound professional skills that help to boost your business. With our vast experience and focus, we enable customers to successfully operate more innovatively, efficiently, and differently in the markets that they serve

We are an experienced and result-oriented team providing premium quality services. Our strategic approach to your business problems will help you overcome issues and thrive in any business setting. We care about what matters to you and will help you turn obstacles into opportunities.

Profilz is a product of Digital One Labs Pte. Ltd. Being smart, and making use of a digital business card enables building the most contacts. Experience the next level of sharing contact details.

Our Core Values


We always go beyond expectations to delight our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is one of our primary objectives.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We ensure to maximize the return on investment of our clients by implementing the most suitable strategies and technologies.

Business Ethics

We always believe in business ethics as well as ethical delivery of our services. Digital One Labs guarantees that we will not disclose any sensitive information about our clients, or their products/services.


Positive attitude always drives our business while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. It is proven that Digital One Labs ensures accountability, corporate governance, and confidentiality.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Save environment. Save planet. Digital One Labs minimizes the usage of paper & plastic. As a digital company, our target is to support the community and organizations to minimize the usage of paper & plastic. In the future, we are to convert to solar power and make use of renewable energy.

Support the Community

As a part of the community, we accept our responsibility to the community. Digital One Labs ensures to contribute to developing a better education system in Sri Lanka. Givers gain is the core philosophy of our community giving practice.


$30 Annual Subscription

Digital Business Card that is smart, elegant & affordable.

No hassle in filling in data

Standard design card with QR code

10 photos upload

20 products/services listing

Modify information anytime

Special rates for bulk orders

All-island free delivery

Cancel at any point

One business card, endless possibilities